Our Truth, Through Our Eyes. A collaboration with The City of Minneapolis ReCast Program

"Our Truth , Through Our Eyes is a youth led and organized PhotoVoice exhibit in collaboration with The City of Minneapolis ReCast and Art is My Weapon. The featured youth artists are Yash Mangalick and Myesha Powell.

Yash is a 15 year old aspiring photo journalist and a student at Edina High School. Myesha is a 17 year old North News journalist aspiring to become a photo journalist. The two artists will produce works of art using photography to tell stories of trauma shared by youth living in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.
Youth Artist Bio's 

​Myesha Powell 17 years old

Myesha is currently a senior at North High School. She lives in the Folwell neighborhood.

“After high school, I would like to go to St. Thomas University and play basketball and join their journalism program. I love to write and take pictures. Writing is like art to me; you get to express yourself in so many ways. You also get to inform people about issues they didn’t know were happening. Taking photos is another way I like to express myself. Whenever I get the chance to use my gift, I go for it. I’m very hardworking, and my goal is to work until my family doesn’t have to work anymore. I’m determined, whatever I put my mind to, I go for it, even when it’s challenging I keep grinding. I’m interested in this trauma project because I know what it feels like to have situations replay in your head over and over again. Everyone is different, and I want to see how others handle their trauma. I want to be a listening ear and help people get through what they are facing.”

Yash Mangalick 15 years old

Yash Mangalick is a student at Edina High School. He loves to photograph almost everything, from beautiful landscapes to the smallest of jumping spiders. Through leadership advisory boards at his high school and competing in Congressional Debate, he has developed an interest in having a larger purpose with his pictures through social impact photography. He has had an opportunity to document staggering social inequality across the world in India, and he hopes to bring what he has learned through that work to his photography of the parallels his fellow Americans experience.